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Totally independent?

Are you guys totally on your own away from podco and what was that decision like?

Tony Horton & Elon Buff

What’s your favorite part about working out with Tony? I lost 25lb from PowerSync 60. The program changed my life not only physically, but also mentally. I was not in the best of circumstances prior. Give him a huge thank you for me! Speaking of working out, I’m curious to know if you ever received the horribly photoshopped buff daddy Elon Musk that I sent to the BLP gmail account 😅

Do y’all, especially Andy ever check out TikToks made for the pod? I make tons of edits on TikTok about the poddapod and y’all.

TikTok. Y’all forget about TikTok. I make tons of poddapod edits. Andy edits! Matt and Chilli edits and Joe and fam edits respectively always and delete any negativity. Please follow me? Or check out my edits! We love y’all on TikTok!

Fans on the Podcast

Aree you guys going to go back to having fans on the podcast again? If so. Could you represent the only child? I am an only child who loves to watch how siblings interact. I always asked my friends what it was like to have siblings. I so would volunteer to be the only child fan on your podcast. I am also a nurse who would allow Joey 5 free questions without charging a fee. J/k he is Joey f-ing Lawerence he can ask as many questions as he likes. Thank you for including your fans!!

I’m interested to hear and learn more about how Andy became a gunsmith. Was it a life long passion, something you picked up more recently. Are you self taught? (Is that even a thing? Haha)