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About the reel that you did where you were going to town on chicken

Were there people around watching you do that in the restaurant? Also what was the thought process behind that reel? Lol you must have been hungry haha


Can you get James Spader on the pod? He’s my fave actor besides Andy.

Brother Swap

Question for all - If you could swap places with your brother(s) in a role he's played, which role would it be? Love you guys!

Naked and Afraid

Andy and Matt said they would love to do Naked and Afraid. Would you want to do it with your brother, your girlfriend, or someone you never met? After seeing video of Andy scaling the wall like a spider at Tony Horton's, I'm sure he can climb a tree and fight a monkey for a banana. 😂 Matt worries me because on an episode I watched recently, the only source of protein was a beautiful iguana. I cried watching that one.

Musical mamajamma

If you could have a jam session with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?