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No Way Jose!

What is something you refuse to share?

What happened to Mistletoe Mixup 2?

When will you guys have your songs coming out ?

When will we be getting those songs from you guys. And by the way guys my birthday is in April 12 would love to have a surprise visit from you guys.

Did you guys go to college? What degree did you earn ?

On the subject of animals

I’m a big advocate for animals. I use to work at the Jacksonville Humane Society. I adopted my first puppy there back in 2008 (American bulldog mix) and had for 14yrs until I had to make the decision of euthanasia due the pain she was in from a tumor mass growing in her paw and severe arthritis. Well I always treat my animals like children, to where I would give full names with a middle name/last name. My last dog was named Kisskiss Marie Claire Cornellier. My cat is LiLi Ann Penelope Mousekowitz. Have you ever given a pet a full name (first, middle, last)?