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Christmas question for January

Even though Christmas was in December, what wa your favourite gift or memory from any of your Christmas's?


If the three of you were asked to be the halftime performers at the Super Bowl, what songs would you perform and how would you make it spectacular? I could see Joey arriving to the stage in a dream sports car, Matt riding in on a dinosaur, and Andy flying in dressed as Batman. Think big. What would you want to do?

Fan Mail

Do you have a PO Box where fans can send mail/gifts?

Brother's Roles?

If you could go back played a role one of your brothers played (at the age he was then of course, if approriate), what would be be? (example - Joey or Andy playing Chris is Mrs Doubtfire, or Matt or Joey as Jace in Going to the Mat)

Brush those chicklets kids

How's your oral hygiene? Floss? Brush? Do ya?