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Come to Philly we'll get cheesesteaks

Driving down to Richmond for the convention but would love something closer to home, so when are you guys coming to Philly?

Do you guys ever do meet and greets? And if so, will you add Miami to your list, pretty please! And ofc please let the lovers know! Xoxo, Maria


Hi, this is a sad question, will there be video on these AMA and on the podcasts here. I normally watch your podcast on YouTube can I see the video.

Acting and pleasure of entertainment

Does knowing how a TV series is made, can you still enjoy the entertainment experience as a fan of a show? I’d love to be a writer on a tv show but I LOVE TV Shows so much, would knowing how it’s made ruin it?

Where's the oddest place you've been recognised?

Can you guys share a time you were recognised that you wouldn't have expected?