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I really enjoy the episodes of the Pod Da Pod where you interview someone I don't really know or don't know at all. Who is someone you don't really know that you would like to have on and what would you want to ask them?

Sisters vs Brothers

So I am the oldest of me and 2 younger sisters; although we do have 3 older half-brothers (but that's a whole other story). I have a crazy question. Being that you guys are only brothers in your household growing up and didn't have at least one sister; if you got to go back to your childhood and experience having a sister(s), how would you feel or act if you had sister(s) around in your family?

Question for Andy

I'm hoping to get an emotional support or sevice dog next year, so I'm doing my research. I plan to travel. How do you keep Smee on his healthy diet when traveling? Can you share some tips on traveling with a dog?

Psychic Medium experience 😄

Hi from Melbourne, Australia, guys!! I recently saw a YouTube clip with the 3 of you with a Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry from a few years ago. Was the whole chat shown? Which part of that blew your minds the most? You all looked affected by the reading. I had chills just watching it. Keep doing what your doing guys - were loving the pod, music and hopefully shows/movies that come from the success of the Pod da Pod xoxoxo

Oscars 2024

Did Andy LOVE the skit on the Oscars between Michael Keaton, Arnold S and Danny DeVito