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Andy’s hair

Do you have a hair routine? Or do you just shampoo and go? Do you blowdry it or is it naturally straight?

Show business legends

I’m a big fan of the comedians and crooners from the 40s, 50s, & 60s. Joey, do you have any cool memories of working with people such as George Burns, Bob Hope, and Sammy Davis Jr? I know you and Matt both worked with Andy Williams too.

Smee’s gotcha story

Hi Andy, will you please share Mr. Smee’s “gotcha” story? How did he come to be your baby. Thank you! Xoxo, Maria G.

Movie Worlds

If movie worlds were real and you could actually live in one, which one would it be?


Mistletoe Mixup was beyond a hit for me and my wife. We’re looking forward to the sequel! We live in Park City and loved seeing the local Utah spots. Our question is, what was your favorite thing about filming in Utah? Thanks! God bless. 🙏🤘