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Favorite Songs

I know it's hard, but if you could only listen to 3 songs for the rest of your lives, what would they be?

Naked and Afraid

Would y'all ever consider doing the show Naked and Afraid? If you did, would you be able to kill and eat animals/reptiles that you love? Who would make it to the end? Who would tap out first?

Memorable On-set Experiences

Do you have any memorable experiences on set (or in life) that have stuck with you throughout the years? I was on a set with Mark Ruffalo recently, and getting to watch him perform right in front of me was such an amazing honor. Bonus: Aside from Donnie Wahlberg, do you have any other fanboy crushes?

Smee’s sledding adventure

Hi Andy!! Loved the episode where you had Smee on. He’s gorgeous by the way. You didn’t get a chance to talk about his sledding experience. I am interested to know how he liked it.

Hi Joey, Matt and Andy I love the POD DA POD!! :) It makes me laugh every week. I would like to ask Andy how it was shooting Going to the Mat? Matt can we see the tortoises on the pod? Joey you make me laugh alot i wish had an older brother like you. I wish the best for ya'll in the future and keep up the great work!!! Cristina Wilson