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Emotional Baggage

Better Than Love was amazing. Shout out to Matt and Smee " the pitbull" but Andy you were phenomenal. Your character went to a really dark place. Did this role affect you afterwards? To Joe and Matt, have you had a character stick with you after filming? Good or bad?


Are you guys still releasing "Stay with me" ? Also can you start posting some covers, I would LOVE to hear you guys do Extremes "More than Words" with Andy on guitar, that would be incredible.

Do you have any hidden talents?

We know you bros are very talented people but do you have any hidden talents that nobody knows about and if so what is it?

Does Andy still wear overalls?

Andy do you still wear overalls like you did on Brotherly Love? Believe it or not overalls have come back in style. Also to Joe and Matt do you still wear flannel shirts?

What movie would you consider to be the funniest movie of all time?

There are so many funny movies out there but what movie would each of you consider to be the funniest movie of all time?