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Hi Andy! My name is Jess. May I take you on a date the next time I'm in the Los Angeles area? I think you're an attractive man, you're adorably goofy, and you seem to be a nice guy. (Genuine nice guy though, not "incel" nice.) The Disney Princess thing you've got going on with the squirrels is a nice touch as well. I'm 39 and live in Colorado. My 9-5 is in the mental health field, but my avocation is acting in local theatre productions. I would very much like a chance to get to know you better.


We need a pod da pod featuring all the pets. Smee, reptiles, squirrel, and any other pets. A day at the Lawrence Brothers Wildlife Refuge. 😁 I think many are looking for a pet, but most people don't do the research they should. So it would be helpful to learn what goes into caring for their pets.

Any other lefties?

Joey's left handed - anyone else in the family a leftie? Parents, Joey's daughters (probaly too early to tell with Dylan) ? Were any of your grandparents lefties?

Do you cast non-union?

Do you ever cast non-union actors for any of your projects? One of my biggest goals this year is to land a few small speaking roles or one-liners. I’m trying to build up my reel for when it’s time to focus more on tv/film rather than commercial. I was recently cast as a supporting role in a local short film, which is a huge, exciting step. Figured I’d shoot my shot here πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜…

Matt's facts

I just listened to the New Year's pod...twice. Tears are rolling down my face from laughing so hard. I have some questions for Matt since he has read EVERY study done since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Oh, and I do vaguely remember an issue on some show with Ryan Seacrest's face. So I got your back Matt. Joey and Andy, I apologize in advance for getting Matt started with his facts. πŸ˜‚ Question 1. Technology. Most of the time my social media feed is filled with reels of penguins and frenchies. I'm obsessed with penguins, and thanks to Andy and Smee, I'm also obsessed with frenchies. I knew that on New Year's Day that I'd be bombarded with ads for the things normally found in New Year's resolutions. Health, wealth, fitness, etc. Wrong. I was bombarded with ads for bras. Did I miss a study showing that most people make a New Year's resolution to buy a new bra? I haven't shopped for one since before the pandemic. I work from home now. People only see me from the shoulders up. No need to restrain the girls if no one is going to see all of me. So it can't be from sites I visited. Tell me Matt, why did I get flooded with these ads? Question 2. You went there, so i'm going there. Matt, I believe you said male lizards have 2 penises and don't have to be in the same room to mate. Female lizards have 2 vaginas right? So they match up. You've read EVERY study, so can you tell me why a male shark has 2 penises but the female shark only has 1 vagina? Why does a male kangaroo have 1 penis but the female kangaroo has 3 vaginas? One is for the joey and the other 2 for mating. It doesn't match up. The male shark should mate with the female kangaroo and have sharkaroos. So Matt, explain all this. I know you've read the studies. 🀣🀣🀣