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If someone has a crush on you what would be the best way for them to get your attention? #guyswithlonghairandabeardarehot


Joey, you get jealous when I ask a question about Smee. So here's a question for you. What's it like being Smee's Uncle? Just kidding! Would you consider rerecording your song "In These Times" with your brothers? The message in that song is very much needed in this world today.

Bungee jump

Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump or anything similar. I did a sky jump. Basically I jumped off the Sky Tower in Auckland NZ. It was so amazing. So I was curious if any of you are thrill seekers and would ever do something like that

The sign idea

So I'm thinking, the pink and blue", The Brotherly Love Pod "sign, is paying tribute to the movie "Cocktail" with Cruise. True? Or False? Love Your, Pod Da Podhead


Hey! I just wanted to say I absolutely loved the episode with the Hanson brothers. Firstly I am praying that you guys do a project with Hanson....secondly I wondered if Andy managed to ask Hanson about Africa? He looked like he wanted to find out more about Hanson's experience but I'm not sure he got to expand on this. I would love to hear about Andy's experience if he has been to Africa or if not what he has on his bucket list for travel. Thanks Carly McKnight, Bedford, England.