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What's the most memorable prank you've ever pulled on each other?

Family videos

Hey guys, As Mothers Day approaches, I am reminded of old family videos and memories. Would you consider sharing old family footage on Da Pod? We'd love to hear and see Andy's belly laugh as a baby. Love from Sumter National Forest in Blue Ridge. Your, Pod Da PodHead Krista G.

The fave Lawrence bro

I know yall like to give Andy a hard time but how do you (Joey and Matt) feel about Andy being the hottest and fave Lawrence brother.

Galápagos Islands trip?

As a fellow young travel loving gal always off on adventures, who works for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, we are one of the few contracted to still sail to the Galapagos. Would be incredible if you guys were really interested in a connection to go as you had mentioned, or just want any good travel info for it, or…comrade, haha let me know and I’d love to help! Would also love to know your favorite, highly recommended, travel spots?

Has social media become the new T.V?

I feel when I was growing up everything revolevd around the television now I feel today everything revolves around social media. Do you believe this is true? Do you think we will ever get to the day where nobody will care about social media anymore?