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Dog Rescue Rehab

Andy - I watch Rocky Kanaka who is out there in S. California. He recently opened a Dog Rescue named Flips Farm. After helping Uly, does animal rehab interest you? Either as a venture or to partner with others.


What is your favorite attribute of a woman?

Favorite physical feature

What is your favorite physical feature of your brothers?

Tom Cruise movie cameo

Not a question, just a fun movie fact. Tom Cruise’s internet filmography is correct. He had an uncredited cameo in Young Guns, sporting a fake mustache, in the big gunfight at the end of the movie. You can find clips on YouTube. Enjoy. Love the pod and all the IG content. Good luck 🍀


Joe- How are you? I hope things are amazing. Matt- How are you? Hope you're feeling better. Andy- How YOU doin' ? (In my Joey Tribbiani voice) lmao