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I think I'm running out of questions you've never been asked before. Maybe we should turn the tables . You ask us some questions. What would you like to know about your fans?


My news feed today is filled dogs, mostly Frenchie. In one, a Frenchie is skateboarding. In another, the Frenchie is peeing in a toilet. Did any of your dogs have special talents? My dog could still jump into my dad's arms at 18 1/2 years old. That's the closest thing to a talent i can think of. She lived to 20 years old. She was a pekapoo.

Hi guys! Absolutely love Pod Da Pod! Who gave Andy the adorable Mr. Smee? Xo, Maria Gil

Generation Seperation

Hi Guys Big Fan, i love all the work that you do you are all very inspiring, and talented and love your family dynamic, I am One of Three also and also the youngest so i know how Andy feels haha theres 10 years between my brother and i and 7 between my sister and me i and i am 32 this year haha my question is Did You Guys Ever Get the Generation Seperation ? Like you all had your own groups of friends like the oldest went off from home with his and then the middle child did his thing and then the youngest was just kind like left at home sort of thing to mull aorund because they wasnt old enough to hang with the older two coz of the age difference. Even though your all close did you you ever get that.

Favorite vacation spots

What are your favorite vacation spots? Will you be going on any summer vacations this year?